The FWP committee

John Sharpe

John has lived in Wanstead for the last twenty odd years and has been a regular runner (no longer!), walker and cyclist in the park.

The ability to so easily access such a natural green space was the perfect antidote to busy working days as a Corporate Contracts manager. A lifesaver!

Now a Committee member for five years, as Chair of the Friends, John aspires to make a meaningful contribution to the preservation of the park environment we are so fortunate to have.

Richard Arnopp

Richard spent most of his life in East London, latterly in Wanstead. Some of his earliest memories are of Wanstead Park, and he is keenly interested in its conservation. A keen amateur historian, Richard would like to see Wanstead Park’s history become better known and appreciated. Now retired, Richard worked as a civil servant. He now lives in Colchester.

Peter Brimson

I regularly walk in the Park and I am fascinated by its history. I have some (hopefully) useful experience to contribute to the Friends. My last employer was the London Development Agency where I worked on Urban Regeneration projects as senior project manager 2000 – 2007. Since then, I have been self- employed. My specialist area is Creative Industries, both revenue projects and capital workspace schemes. Nowadays, I raise funds for non-profit organisations and I look forward to raising cash for Friends of Wanstead Parklands ventures in Wanstead Park.

Gill James

Gill has lived near Wanstead Park with her family for nearly forty years and worked at nearby Aldersbrook Library for almost as long. She enjoys organising events such as Music in Wanstead Park. She is an active member of the Wren Conservation and Wildlife Group, runs their Nature Club for children, and helps with practical work such as maintaining the Bluebell Wood and doing surveys such as reptile counts. She is keen to ensure that the lakes in the Park, with their unique landscape and wonderful bird population, are preserved for future generations.

Tricia Moxey

Tricia Moxey

Tricia retired in March 2005 from the Epping Forest Department of the City of London, where she had held the post of Information Services Manager. She produced exhibitions, interpretative material about the Forest and planned and organised the annual Forest Festival. Tricia has a considerable knowledge and understanding of the landscape history and wildlife of Wanstead Park as well as the many challenges in planning its future management. Currently, Tricia is a part-time Tutor in ecology with the WEA and is involved with a number of other local organisations including the Essex Wildlife Trust and the Friends of Epping Forest and regularly gives talks about Wanstead Park.

Ralph Potter

Ralph Potter

Ralph has been a lifelong visitor to Wanstead Park and has made it a personal mission to see that this unique Park receives the recognition it deserves. He has researched the documented history of the Park and is particularly passionate about the “Lost Roman Villa” and the lake system. He was instrumental in the production of an extensive geophysical survey over a large area of the Park which has revealed evidence of pre Roman occupation. A member of the Wanstead Historical Society and the West Essex Archaeological Group, previously employed as a Senior Research Fellow at the University of East London but now retired. Ralph now enjoys archaeological research and exploration and is looking forward to participating in the restoration of Wanstead Park.

Adrian Russell

Adrian has lived in East London and been a regular visitor to Wanstead Park for more than 30 years. He joined the FWP committee in early 2020, having decided it was time to give something back to community after becoming increasingly frustrated at the degradation of the park and especially the draining of the Ornamental Water, Heronry and other ponds to mud in summer in recent years. He is keen to help increase awareness of the issues affecting the park, engage more people in pressing the authorities to invest more in the park’s evolution, give them a voice through the FWP, and to help conserve the park for future generations.

A regular walker and runner, Adrian works in communications and public relations in financial services, currently for a specialist insurance underwriter based in Canary Wharf.