Well attended walk opens 2015 season for the Friends

First FWP walk of 2015, 15 February.

The Friends had a good turnout for their first walk of 2015.

Group leader Richard Arnopp said: "It was a nice, engaged group including a majority of first-timers".

"We braved some serious mud and clambered over fallen trees but, despite some of our number not being in the first flush of youth, there were no complaints and no casualties. Our reward was to see some of the park's historic features which are only visible over the winter months, such as the Great Amphitheatre".

IMG_2503Richard concluded: "We were lucky with the weather, which was dry and relatively mild, and received some unsolicited donations, including a very generous one of £20.00. We are glad people seemed to enjoy it".

The remaining walks in the series will be on -

19 April
14 June
25 July
16 August
18 October

Instead of the usual five walks, this year there are six. The additional event is planned to consist of a special tour of the Parish Church and Wanstead Golf Course. The three summer events will be themed to form part of a festival of events to commemorate the tercentenary of the construction of Wanstead House and bicentenary of the Battle of Waterloo. Further details will be announced as they are finalised.