Wanstead Park’s bluebells – now at their best

Wanstead residents are lucky to have on their doorstep a stunning natural spectacle.

Every April masses of bluebells astound us with their gently nodding flowers creating an intense blue carpet in Chalet Wood and some other locations nearby. Bluebells are best viewed from a path, as their leaves are easily damaged by trampling. Within Chalet Wood large areas have been kept free of brambles by members of the Wren Conservation Group so the flowers can be seen at their best.

IMG_8333 IMG_8332 IMG_8323 IMG_8319 IMG_8318 IMG_8317 IMG_8316

Other Spring flowers are following close behind the bluebells. Chalet Wood also offers good displays of wood anemones, the first of which are just starting to come into bloom.IMG_8320