Walk to celebrate Wanstead Park’s flora and fauna

DSCN4209All are invited to join Epping Forest Outdoor Group (EFOG) members on Saturday 6 June to explore and celebrate the natural aspects of Wanstead Park. We will meet at 10.30 near the Tea Kiosk on the Aldersbrook side of the park. This circular, guided walk is free, open to all, will be about three miles long and people will be able to leave after each mile, with easy access back to the kiosk. The complete walk will take approximately two hours.

This event is part of the 2015 Wanstead Park Festival.

The Epping Forest Outdoor Group was formed over 50 years ago as a Group for people interested in a range of activities in the outdoors. They arrange something for most weekends, with walking and cycling being the most frequent activities, but also have a range of social events.