The skylarks are singing

Fencing was installed by the City of London around the skylark nesting area on Wanstead Flats last week.

The skylarks nest in the long grass and are vulnerable to disturbance. Despite hail, rain and high winds, Wren Group volunteers turned out on patrol to answer any queries from the public.

Happily, the response has been overwhelmingly positive, the fencing has survived the wind, and the skylarks are singing. The fencing will remain until late August when the nesting season is over.

The pictures by Mary Holden show the fencing, a skylark, and a Wren volunteer.


2 responses to “The skylarks are singing”

  1. I am so grateful those involved in this vital project . thank you, sadly. I have a serious physical disability, which precludes me from participating, how else can I help?

    • Thank you for the offer of help. Are you able to deal with emails? And write copy for publicity? Both the Wren Group and Friends of Wanstead Parklands are always looking for fresh material for their websites and social media & press responses. Both organisations could do with an officer to deal with membership renewals and volunteer lists.
      Gill James