St Jude’s Day storm update

Latest from Epping Forest -

Following the storm on Monday morning the clear- up of fallen trees and branches in Epping Forest continues apace, with all our highly skilled tree teams engaged full time. A systematic survey of roads, car parks and main routes is being undertaken throughout the rest of the week. There is still work to be done. Please be aware that broken branches and other debris from the storm remain and could pose a hazard to you. If visiting the Forest please be vigilant, check your route for debris and please respect any temporary exclusion zones that are taped or signed off. Some surfaced and unsurfaced shared use trails may be closed while work is carried out - please do not use these until they are re-opened. Please report dangers to 020 8532 1010. Thank you.

A more careful exploration of Wanstead Park by members of the Friends has revealed further damage to that reported in the immediate aftermath of the storm. However, on the whole the park escaped much more lightly than we had feared. The number of mature trees lost seems to have been quite small, and most of those were showing signs of age or disease.

Epping Forest staff are making good progress but, as of yesterday, a number of paths remained partly or completely obstructed by fallen trees or branches, or taped off due to potential hazards.

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