Memento – Wanstead Park

WEB Wanstead Park Flyer 700pxMemento – Wanstead Park is a sound walk that uses oral history recordings to piece together an identity for a public space fused with personal recollection and a nod to the future. Local voices gently guide you around the park and into their own memories.

On Sunday May 24th, the first run of people will be able to have a listen to it. The meeting point is the old phonebox outside Wanstead tube station at 11am. It lasts about 45 minutes followed by tea and cake and feedback at The Temple.

The sound walk is free and will be available the day before to download at this link onto your own device. Bring headphones. We will also have a few ready to go headsets and mp3 players available so please email to reserve: (these will later be stored at local libraries).