“Images of Nature” exhibition to open at The Temple

“Male Migrant Hawker" © Christian Moss
“Male Migrant Hawker" © Christian Moss

The Friends of Wanstead Parklands are delighted to have been invited to curate the 2015 summer exhibition at The Temple, to run between 4-26 July. The Friends' last two exhibitions have been heritage-related, but on this occasion we wished to celebrate the natural aspect of the park with a display of images of its flora and fauna. We are very grateful to the talented local photographers who have offered their work.

This event is part of the 2015 Wanstead Park Festival.

The photographers

Christian Moss is one of the best known nature photographers active in Epping Forest. He has a blog (www.photoblog.com/mossy) and is on Facebook (Wildlife Photography by Christian Moss) and Twitter (@christianmoss1).

Geoff Wilkinson is an award-winning photojournalist who runs the “EightyFour” Gallery in Wanstead.

Kathy Hartnett is a member of the Wanstead-based Wren Wildlife and Conservation Group. She enjoys photographing all aspects of nature, whilst out and about in her local patches of Wanstead Park and Wanstead Flats..

Richard Arnopp is a committee member of the Friends of Wanstead Parklands. He says “I’m not a naturalist, and wouldn’t really claim to be much of a photographer - I just like to record and share what I see in and around the park”.

Stuart Moore has lived in Walthamstow for the past 7 years. In recent years he has started to exhibit his work. His website is at www.srmoore.com (contact via stuart@srmoore.com or 07768 610163).

Tricia Moxey is a committee member of the Friends of Wanstead Parklands. A former Information Services Manager with Epping Forest, she is a part-time tutor in ecology and regularly gives talks about Wanstead Park.

A booklet of the exhibition is available as a download.