Help needed at St Gabriel’s Church Hall

St Gabriel exterior alt

Message from Gill James, of the Aldersbrook Families Association, regarding St Gabriel’s Church Hall –

Dear All

Many of you have associations with St Gabriels Church Hall in Aldersbrook. It is at the heart of the community  and  we have used it for many an activity from Parties to Pilates! It gets well knocked about and is in need of a bit of TLC. The Vicar has managed to source some free paint from Forest Recycling and lots of us, not just church-goers, who use the Church Hall  are going to take part in this summer's big paint job in the first two weeks of August to brighten it up a bit. Gill and  Alan have signed up for two days , the AFA will help and Jo Billingham will be asking the Playground Campaign to contribute.

If this appeals to you, please can you get your friends, relatives etc to sign up  to any of these sessions for the Church Hall Redecoration?

NB.  Incentive for volunteers!   We  (the AFA) are offering out of AFA funds a 50% discount on  £12 tickets for the St Gabriels Wine Tasting on September 19th or the next Beer Festival ( date to be confirmed). Both are great events @ only £6.



If you would like to help, please contact Gill directly.