Halloween fun at The Temple

The Friends' Halloween event held last night (29 October 2017) at The Temple clearly came with high expectations, as it sold out well in advance.

We are happy to report that the guests were not disappointed. One said afterwards -

"We had a ball. It was great fun. Met lots of lovely people. Tasty bites and quality entertainment. Thanks to all the volunteers".

Particular thanks are due to Gill James, who was responsible both for the concept and most of the organisation. Gill said -

"We're delighted that everyone seems to have had a good time. This is the latest in a series of events the Friends have organised in and around The Temple. Our aim has been to demonstrate the potential of this lovely but under-used old building as a venue, and as a way of raising awareness of Wanstead Park and generating income to secure its future".

"Our thanks to the City of London and its staff for their help and support".

"The spirit of Wanstead Past", who led the spooky walk in the woods.
"Something wicked this way comes..."
The ghost of Catherine Tylney-Long (played by Vicky Bettelheim of the Woodhouse Players).
"The King of the Woods", lit up in front of the Temple (a driftwood sculpture by Martin Barrett).
The film was the 1935 "Bride of Frankenstein".