Nature Club

The other day, I asked my son what he wanted for his fourth birthday. A magical leaf adventure, he said. Of course there were lots of other things he requested – mainly Lego related – but I like his sentiment. Autumn is the perfect time for a magical leaf adventures.

Already the horse chestnut trees are losing their leaves and a bounty of conkers are falling to the pavements, ready to be seized by little fingers. Oak trees are losing acorns and the squirrels are looking busier.

Given that – it seems appropriate that next Wanstead Park Children’s Nature Club will be focusing on trees and their leaves – and the leaf crunching wonderful possibilities they give us in autumn.

It seems a whole world away from our summer Nature club where we found crickets in the long grass on a baking summer day and it will be great to discover how the sesille oak we searched for mini-beasts around is faring the new season. Will we find acorns around it or will the squirrels have beaten us?
The club will be held on Sunday 29th October between 1pm – 2.30pm – and is aimed at children between 2-7 years old. We will meet at the Temple, Wanstead Park at 12.45pm and the cost is £3.50 per child.

There will be an autumnal nature trail and crafts and stories celebrating the season. We hope to see you and your children there!