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  • Wanstead Park Ponds Project Update

    Wanstead Park Ponds Project Update

    The Corporation made the following announcement in the March Forest Focus: The City of London Corporation are moving forward on engineering assessment work relating to the ponds and lake cascade in Wanstead Park. Three ponds, due to their size, are classed as large raised reservoirs by the Environment Agency. This means the City have statutory […]

  • June update from the Friends of Wanstead Parklands

    June update from the Friends of Wanstead Parklands

    We have all been preoccupied in recent months by the coronavirus pandemic. However, there has been plenty going on both in Wanstead Park and the Friends of Wanstead Parklands. Here’s a brief update on some important developments – as well as a new initiative which we hope will be well supported.

  • The Wanstead Park Lakes

    The Wanstead Park Lakes

    Introduction  Overview of the lake system  The Basin The Holt Channel  The Serpentine Lakes  The Great Lake  The Reservoir  The Lake Pond  The Shoulder of Mutton Pond The Heronry Pond  The islands of the Heronry Pond  The Perch Pond  The Square Pond  The Straight Canal  The Ornamental Water