The visit of Count Ferenc Széchényi to Wanstead Park

Portrait of Ferenc Széchényi by Johann Ender: Hungarian National Museum

Count Ferenc Széchényi of Sárvár-Felsővidék (1754 –1820) is a well-known figure in Hungary. As well as being founder of the Hungarian National Library and National Museum, he was father of the reformer and nationalist hero Count István Széchenyi, often called "the Greatest Hungarian".

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Exhibition: The Temple Over Time


Epping Forest's Steve Denford has curated an exhibition which is on display at The Temple until 27 September. The Temple over Time explores the building's different uses since it was built around 1760 by John, 2nd Earl Tylney of Castlemaine.

Epping Forest has kindly agreed to the Friends posting the content of the exhibition online.