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  • Wanstead Park Free Talks begin in January

    Wanstead Park Free Talks begin in January

    Friends committee member Richard Arnopp will be starting a series of free monthly online talks in January under the title “Wanstead Park in Context”. Some of you may remember that Richard ran a popular two-year series of articles on the owners of Wanstead Park which were published by our friends at the Wanstead Village Directory. […]

  • The Roding Flood

    The Roding Flood
  • Heronry Pond

    Heronry Pond

    The Wanstead Image Archive This section of the collection features material relating to the Heronry Pond.



    In recent years the low water levels in the Ornamental Water have allowed vegetation to become established on the lake bed.

  • Wanstead’s little river once again shows its teeth

    Wanstead’s little river once again shows its teeth

    In December 2019, nature gave Wanstead Park an unexpected but very welcome Christmas present.

  • The Architecture of Wanstead House

    The Architecture of Wanstead House

    In 2018 Ray Weekes completed a degree in Art History at Birkbeck. As his primary interest is architecture and as he lives in Wanstead, he wrote his dissertation on the architecture of Wanstead House. This was well received and won a prize. We are delighted that, to make his findings available to a wider audience, […]

  • The Temple: SPRING AND SUMMER opening times

    The Temple: SPRING AND SUMMER opening times

    The Temple will be open from 12noon to 5pm on the following days: Saturday 20 April Sunday 21 April Monday 22 April Saturday 18 May Sunday 19 May Saturday 15 June Sunday 16 June Saturday 13 July Sunday 14 July Entry is free of charge.

  • The visit of Count Ferenc Széchényi to Wanstead Park

    Count Ferenc Széchényi of Sárvár-Felsővidék (1754 –1820) is a well-known figure in Hungary. As well as being founder of the Hungarian National Library and National Museum, he was father of the reformer and nationalist hero Count István Széchenyi, often called “the Greatest Hungarian”.

  • Exhibition: The Temple Over Time

    Epping Forest’s Steve Denford has curated an exhibition which is on display at The Temple until 27 September. The Temple over Time explores the building’s different uses since it was built around 1760 by John, 2nd Earl Tylney of Castlemaine. Epping Forest has kindly agreed to the Friends posting the content of the exhibition online.

  • Wanstead Park: a biodiversity hotspot

    Wanstead Park was added to Epping Forest in 1882 and is protected under the terms of the Epping Forest Act of 1878.  The Park is a Grade II* listed landscape with a chain of lakes dug out some 300 years ago. There are woodlands and grassy areas with some scrubby patches, all of which provide […]