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Join the litter pickers this Sunday

The Friends of Wanstead Parklands monthly litter pick is this Sunday (March 7, 2021).

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Endangered Wanstead

Support a newly launched campaign to defend local wildlife.

Wild Wanstead

Signs of the times

“I've just encountered two lots of idiot people with out of control dogs, not just playing in the water, but actively rushing at the swans…” Is it time to put up signs around the ponds reminding people to keep their dogs under control?

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Deepak Dembla posted a lovely photo of collard doves huddled on branch in Wanstead Park.

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“I know, it could be an Enya video or an Athena poster…” Check out Natalie Cleur’s picture collection, Swans and Reeds. Mist and Sunbeams, on the Wanstead Park Facebook page, click here

Hello, hello…

A very warm welcome

The Friends are a group of people who love Wanstead Park.

Once the site of one of England’s grandest houses, the Park still retains a 17th Century lake cascade unique to London.

It’s historical significance is complemented by its natural beauty, and provides a magical environment for the local community.

Now a Charity, our Mission is to raise public awareness of the history and ecology of Wanstead Park, fund improvements, and campaign for its preservation and enhancement.

We aim to represent the users of the Park, and are supported by an enthusiastic Membership and active Social Media following.

Please join us and help to ensure the Park remains the East London gem it is.

John Sharpe

Chair of Friends of Wanstead Parklands

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