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City of London ponders cycling

Read some notes from the latest meeting of the Epping Forest Consultative Committee,

Play Area

Three large rocks and some very big oak tree trunks have appeared in the Park on the proposed natural play area site near the Temple. The logs came from Forest trees felled for safety reasons. More intriguing structures to follow in due course…

Wanstead Park Bio Blitz

The Wren Group will be holding its first outdoor event on Saturday 26 June.

For more see here or here

What’s going on?

Read FWP chairman John Sharpe’s report on the Wanstead Park Action Plan and the group’s ongoing collaboration with the City of London, in the new issue of the Wanstead Village Directory.

A very warm welcome

The Friends are a group of people who love Wanstead Park.

Once the site of one of England’s grandest houses, the Park still retains a 17th Century lake cascade unique to London.

It’s historical significance is complemented by its natural beauty, and provides a magical environment for the local community.

Now a Charity, our Mission is to raise public awareness of the history and ecology of Wanstead Park, fund improvements, and campaign for its preservation and enhancement.

We aim to represent the users of the Park, and are supported by an enthusiastic Membership and active Social Media following.

Please join us and help to ensure the Park remains the East London gem it is.

John Sharpe

Chair of Friends of Wanstead Parklands

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